About Us

Maria Dorian

Amar Ghose

The Villages Maid Service

Meet Maria

Maria Dorian has more than 20 years of experience in the residential cleaning industry. Maria proudly ran Welcome Home Cleaning Services in Austin, Texas.

Maria went on to successfully sell her maid service to pursue other interests and projects, also in the residential cleaning industry. She opened The Villages Maid Service as a team in order to put her heart, talents, and the love for people and service others through the act of cleaning.

"Thank you for your trust. Thank you for allowing us into your home."

~ Maria

Our Team

We love our team and the gifts they bring to the table while providing residential house cleaning. Our cleaning techs are well versed in the areas of personal safety while cleaning, pet safety, product knowledge, and surface care best practices in order to keep your delicate surfaces from being ruined by misused cleaning solutions and methods.

Thank you for allowing our super talented techs to pamper your home today!

The Products We Use

We use a variety of top of the line cleaning products, many which are green and lack a heavy, toxic, perfume ridden smell. We also use a sanitized spray to help keep germs at bay when possible. Although we are not an all natural cleaning company, we do strive to find products that smell good, clean well, and will not harm your pets, your health, your surfaces, or the environment.

For your safety, freshly laundered cleaning towels and mop heads are used in your home, without cross contamination.

Who We Service

Homeowners: When it comes to caring for your home on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one time basis, we got you taken care of. If you are needing a more specialized service such as a move in or move out, that is something we cna also do for you. We recognize the importance of getting it right, the first time. Easy peasy!

Realtors: You know it, and we know it: A clean house sells faster. We want your buyers to be able to picture themselves in their potential new home, dirt and grime free. We are your top trusted source of professionals in the Villages area, and know what kind of attention to detail is required. We clean vacant homes, condos, and townhomes. Let’s get it sold!

Tenants: You’re all packed, ready to go, look around, and notice your place could use a bit of TLC. Our trusted staff can both get your new place into tip top shape, ready to put your belongings away as all surfaces have been sanitized. Our, if you need to just pack up and go, leave the after the move cleaning to us. We got you! 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be thrilled! If something isn’t wonderfully cleaned, we’ll make it right with a free of charge “do-over”. While we can never guarantee perfection, because, after all, we’re human (it’s not fun at times!), we can commit to consistency, reliability, respect, and excellence.