Move In / Out Cleaning The Villages

What's always included?

What's Included With A Move In / Out Cleaning?

  • Starting fresh in a new home or moving out? We’ll make it shine. Moving is stressful enough without the cleaning expectations. That’s where we come in.
  • Relocating? We’ll leave your place spotless for the next tenant.
  • Before you unpack, let us prepare and sanitize your home.
  • Say goodbye to your old home and hello to a clean start with The Villages Maid Service.

      Move In/Out
Ceiling fans    
Blinds dusted    
Light switch plates cleaned    
Doors and door frames cleaned    
Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floors    
Furniture dusted      
Knick knacks dusted and hand cleaned      
Waste baskets emptied      
Baseboards dusted      
Baseboards hand cleaned      
Electrical sockets cleaned    
Shelves dusted and cleaned    
Pantry shelf    

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Regular Maintenance

Squeaky clean, on schedule

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Spring Clean

Making your home feel like new

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When moving into a new home, you want everything to be just perfect. Among the many tasks on your to-do list, cleaning your new space to ensure it’s ready for your family often presents a challenge. That’s where The Villages Maid Service in The Villages, Florida, comes in. With our exceptional move in cleaning services in The Villages, we ensure your new home is spotless, safe, and welcoming from day one.

At The Villages Maid Service, we offer comprehensive and professional move in cleaning services that transform your new house into a fresh and inviting home. Our experienced and dedicated team leaves no corner untouched, preparing your new residence for your comfort and satisfaction.

The benefits of employing a professional move in cleaning service are extensive. Firstly, it gives you peace of mind knowing your new home has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, ready for you to move in. Our team of experts has the knowledge, equipment, and products to tackle all manner of dirt and grime, delivering a level of cleanliness that is often challenging to achieve on your own.

Secondly, utilizing our move in cleaning service can significantly save you time and energy. In the midst of packing, unpacking, and arranging your new home, the last thing you need is the added task of deep cleaning. Allow us to take this off your hands, so you can focus on setting up and personalizing your new space.

Move In Cleaning The Villages, FL

But why would someone want to hire a move in cleaning service? Beyond the convenience and time-saving aspect, professional cleaning ensures every inch of your new home, including hard-to-reach areas, is clean and free of allergens. You can move in with the confidence that your home is not only physically clean, but also healthier for you and your family.

So, why choose The Villages Maid Service for your move in cleaning? Our reputation within our community speaks for itself. We are known for our integrity, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering top-notch service. Our team comprises professionally trained and trusted individuals who are passionate about their work and your satisfaction.

Moreover, we offer a customizable service, recognizing that each home and homeowner has unique needs. Whether you’re moving into a small apartment or a large house, our move in cleaning services are tailored to your specific requirements.

Importantly, we are committed to the health of our clients and our planet. We use eco-friendly cleaning products that effectively clean and sanitize without introducing harmful chemicals into your home.

Employing a professional move in cleaning service in The Villages eases your transition into your new home. We provide a meticulous, convenient, and reliable cleaning service, affording you more time and energy to focus on settling in and making your new space truly your own.

Ready for a fresh start in a spotlessly clean new home? Book online or call The Villages Maid Service today to schedule your move in cleaning. With our expertise, your new home will be sparkling clean, inviting, and ready for you to create beautiful new memories. Welcome home!

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